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Since its foundation in  2003, Puro Mexico Ballet  has dedicated  to researching and promoting traditional  dances from different regions  of Mexico. “De Son a Son” is an artistic production  and compilation of the work that Puro Mexico Ballet hast created throughout 15 years, it combines different multidisciplinary artistic elements that will  show you the beauty  and uniqueness of Mexican culture  and its “Sones” . 


November 10, 2018

6:00 PM

(doors open at 5:00)

1-855-985-2787 and 647-904-6606

Among the great variety of expressions that form the mosaic of  dance and musical rhythms in Mexico there is the “Son” (pl. sones); a common name given to various music genres with different musical elements but that share the same Afro – Caribbean and Mestizo origins; simultaneously, this music  styles were complemented with traditional dances in which people, over time, gave them a meaning by expressing their  beliefs, or telling stories; and in which they nowadays find their own identity. Many of these folk dance styles have also evolved from rhythms that Europeans brought to the Americas and eventually they have acquired their own Mexican characteristics and blended with Mexican traditions.

More than 60 artists will take you on a stunning trip across Mexico and will enchant you with the rich cultural heritage that Mexico has; be delighted by vibrant dances and voices  that will delight you with the best “sones”,  and top off your evening with worldwide known mariachi and son jarocho live music.  

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Come and have an unforgettable evening full of colour, music and dance! Enjoy  a spectacular show of Mexican culture featuring a mosaic of lively traditional dances performed by  Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico.   

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